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‘STU must uphold teaching profession’
Posted on : 07 Oct 2018  Source of News: The Borneo Post

‘STU must uphold teaching profession’

 October 7, 2018, Sunday Lim How Pim,

Manyin (third right), Jisin (third left) and others perform a gimmick to mark the start of the event.

KUCHING: Sarawak Teachers Union (STU) must strive to uphold teaching as the preferred and respected profession.

In making this call, Minister of Education, Science and Technological Research Dato Sri Michael Manyin Jawong highlighted the union’s obligation of reviving the glorious days when teachers were respected by the community.

“In the past, we respected teachers but these days, not so much. When I was a principal, a parent even came to see me because his son had been punished by a teacher.

“That parent used harsh words against us – he did not respect us as teachers. STU should play a role in making teaching the preferred and respected profession,” he spoke at STU’s 24th biennial delegates conference dinner in a hotel here on Friday, where STU president Jisin Nyud was also present.

According to Manyin, teachers must realise that they teach because it is their responsibility.

He also felt that teachers should not fall under any inspection system, believing that if they were no longer under inspection, they should be able to earn the respect from the ground.

“If we didn’t have inspection on teachers anymore, the teaching profession would be respected.”

He said it was pertinent for the Ministry of Education (MoE) to ensure quality input so as to ensure quality output.

He described quality input as providing in-service training for teachers, headmasters and principals towards ensuring quality output, which referred to students with outstanding performances.

Manyin said way back in 1960, the quality of education of Finland, Peru and Malaysia was at the same level but today, only one of the three nations remains at the top.

On another matter, the minister advised STU against mixing up its roles by interfering in education policies, warning that this could be disastrous and impact the quality of education.

“You should be looking after the interests of the teachers and safeguard their welfare.

“Know your limit because if you go beyond it, the quality of education could be compromised, and our children wouldn’t be able to compete globally,” he said.

Earlier, Jisin said STU wanted the federal and Sarawak governments to work together in repairing and upgrading dilapidated schools in Sarawak.

He opined that both governments should not politicise education issues, stressing that schools in Sarawak would like to be on a par with those in Peninsular Malaysia.

“We have been talking about dilapidated schools for a long, long time. The government should do something about our dilapidated schools and not wait until some incident happens.

“It is time for the government to speed up the process of repairing and upgrading dilapidated schools,” he said, adding: “Education is not preparation for life – it is life itself.”

Established in 1966, STU has 26,000 registered members across Sarawak, making it one of the largest organisations in Sarawak and Sabah.

Credit to : The Borneo Post