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Union says teachers ever ready to serve in class or online
Posted on : 17 May 2020  Source of News: The Borneo Post

Union says teachers ever ready to serve in class or online

POSTED ON MAY 17, 2020, SUNDAY AT 12:08 AM

A teacher explains something to her five pupils during class at SJKC Kai Nang. – File photo

KUCHING: Teachers are always ready to teach, be it face-to-face in a class or online, says the Sarawak Teachers’ Union (STU).

Its president Macky Joseph said in a Teachers’ Day celebration statement yesterday that during the Covid-19 pandemic, teachers have been worrying about their pupils, where education is concerned.

“As such, teachers are having their lessons and teaching online via various media, including Google classroom, WhatsApp, television, and so on.

“Children need to be groomed steadily in education (so that) they grow up to be a successor of any profession they engage with in the future,” he said.

Macky said STU is thankful to the government of the day, the Education Ministry, and the state Education Department for providing for and equipping teachers.

He also thanked parents and guardians for helping their children with their education at this time.

“Each and every one of us should be thankful as once upon a time there was a teacher teaching us to be what we are today.

“STU agrees that no one would achieve success in this world without the presence of teachers who also shape the character and personality of a person,” he said.

Teachers’ Day is celebrated on May 16 every year to acknowledge and honour the contributions and sacrifices of teachers.

This year’s theme is ‘Learning for Knowledge, Shaping a New Generation’.

Credit to: The Borneo Post